Sunday, July 1, 2007

Rumors of Demise

"The rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated!"

"He must have something better to do!"

Despite the many rumors, The Good Doctor is alive and well and have not died or taken ill. Neither have we been incarcerated by the rumored FBI undercover masquerading as the Los Alamos Police Chief.

Instead, we have been rather busy elsewhere and quite frankly have lost interest in the bulk of the commentary being generated on *any* LANL Blog. We do not hold our fellow bloggers accountable, but do hold many of those who choose to comment so. Get your stupid heads out of your asses people! Quit with the whining and the cheap shots, be thoughtful. Please.

We give our thanks to Pinky AND The Brain, to Buck Turgedson, to Calvin (who has also lost faith in the quality of participation on the blogs... relayed via private correspondence), to Brad and Doug, and to Gussie Finknottle herself for keeping the blogging spirit alive here.

Amongst the commentarians, only the random interjector known as "Darko" has consistently impressed us. There have been other comments of merit, but most have not even offered a psuedonym and therefore seem to be one-shot wonders (or perhaps they are!).

We know it is hot... so maybe that explains the lethargy. Or is it the continued grind of the machine?

Carry on,
- Doc