Wednesday, May 28, 2014

He's Baaack!

The good doctor is back...  after a 5 year hiatus, he's refreshed himself with a whole new look... no longer hating (obsessing) on Bechtel,  he has been busy frying other fish (don't ask, he won't tell anyway).

On the side, he has been observing and having fun with the merry band of wanksters known as FRIAM or FriAM, a Friday morning kaffe klatch formed roughly around survivors of the info mesa or silicon gulch.   SFI groupies, complexity-science wannabes, technology workers, retired professionals and professors, etc.  Another group WedTech which is roughly a small subset dedicates itself to minutae about technical issues and meets weekly for lunch. 

The good doctor has started a new blog - FRIAM: The Comic Edition as an attempt to return to the lampooning.  As always, maybe moreso, this is all in "good fun"...  with Bechtel/LANL there was actually an axe to grind.  With FRIAM it is about observing human nature and being willing to shine a comic light on it.  WedTech is a bit harder to lampoon (or maybe it just feels too much like shooting fish in a barrel?).   Hopefully nobody will be offended (overmuch) by his caricatures of their words and patterns.  Time will tell!

- Doc Strange